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Dec 1, 2015

OMG.  I can't believe how great it is to be a podcaster!!  

For today's show, I interviewed one of my oldest friends!!  How lucky am I???  This conversation, with Jessica Prentice, is all about her book The Duck With No Legs and all of the underlying themes and messages that show up in the sweet, heart warming story.

We get into all sorts of discussions in this show - from spirituality, to overcome perceived disabilities, to living with the discomfort of not being the child we think our parents want us to be (not to mention parenting a child who marches to the beat of his own drum)...

You are going to love this show!

I do say "asshole" one time, so I marked the episode as explicit - sorry about that. :)


I bring up Nick Vujicic - a parapalegic motivational speaker who has an incredible spirit and message for the world.  You can find him at or watch his youtube video about Never giving up by clicking here.

Click here to get a copy of The Duck with No Legs from Amazon.

Check out Jessica's graphic design work at

Find Jessica on Instagram @sillybird


Nov 26, 2015

Hey hey!!!

Thank you so much for playing and being willing to subscribe to the show - I value you and am honored that you find value in what I put out into the world!!

Here are the deets of the giveaway:

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This is an online course that you receive over the course of five weeks. Included each week are videos, audio meditation and workbooks that teach the positive Discipline concepts and guide you towards finding your most centered, authentic self while on the parenting journey.  It's awesome! Learn more here.

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Oh man, hopefully that isn't too complicated --- let me know if you have any troubles and I will be happy to help! Big love to each of you and THANK YOU for being on the journey with me!!


xoxo - Casey

Nov 24, 2015

There are a few things that are tough to talk about with our kids.  One of the toughest, I think, is talking about the violent things that happen in the world...

My guest today on the podcast is Dr. Monica Holliday Sherman.  Monica is a psychotherapist in private practice in Chicago, and she completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at The Adler School of Professional Psychology, with a concentration in childhood and adolescence.

She is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and she regularly facilitates parenting classes in the Chicago community. You can find her on Psychology Today here.

She is also my friend, and someone I trust to speak to this topic from a very thoughtful, experienced place...

As tough as this conversation is, it is important for parents to be talking to their kids about the state of the world. AND, as a community of parents, it is equally as important to get support from each other about how to best support our kids.

My hope is that this show does just that.

Resources mentioned in the interview:

Video of father reassuring his young son that France is their home.
Purple Wagon - "A site for people interested in parents and children, and their explorations and discussions around war, terrorism and peacemaking." Loads of resources for parents here.
Helping Children Feel Safe in an Unsafe World by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD

Other resources:

Talking With Children About Disaster also by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD
Talking with Children About Tragic News Stories by Ariadne Brill of Positive Parenting Connection
Terrorism and children:Tough Conversations that Matter by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD or Roots of Action
Explaining Terror to Kids is a NY Times article that covers a French newspaper for kids and how they are engaging in real conversations with kids about the attacks

And more suggestions from Monica:

Books are my go-to when I'm wanting to extend any of these "big" topics into ongoing conversations with my kids. Here are a few to read WITH your kids, relevant to what's going on in the world today:
Finding heroes amidst terrorism.
I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai (there is also a Young Reader's edition)
Multicultural competency.
The Cow of No Color: Riddle Stories and Justice Tales from around the World, Nina Jaffee
Explaining refugees. 
Sometimes it helps to look to history for examples -- one of the most written about examples of children fleeing war zones is the Operation Pied Piper of 1939, when children were evacuated from London during WWII. The beloved Paddington character is even based upon these events. 
--The Sky Is Falling, Kit Pearson
--Visitors from London, Kitty Barne (out of print)
--Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe and Bedknobs and Broomsticks are both storylines based on children having to evacuate. 
--If your kids are American Girl fans, the book Happy Birthday, Molly!  incorporates a story of a British refugee coming to live with the family after being traumatized by living through bombing raids.  
Please get in touch with any thoughts or feedback on this discussion or any of the other podcasts!



Nov 17, 2015

This conversation landed close to my heart...  While my kids are now sleeping in their OWN beds, in their OWN rooms, ALL NIGHT LONG, that was not always the case.

And while my nighttime parenting choices weren't always the same as everyone else, they didn't follow the mainstream advice,  I did the best I could for my babies... 

The thing I really love about Alanna and her approach to supporting parents with sleep, is her willingness to meet parents where they're at.  She really believes in the idea that there is a right approach for each family, and that it is going to be related to what works in each family...

As any parent knows, there is no one size fits all here...  AND it is possible to help your child, and yourself, get better sleep.

Listen in!


Where to find Alanna -

Join the Live and Love with Joyful Courage Community here.

Click here to get started.... 

Nov 10, 2015

What a great time I had talking to Bonnie Harris of Connective Parenting!  She is so full of wisdom and insight...  Which wasn't surprising AT ALL to me :)

I have been following Bonnie's work for years - drawn to her gentle, logical style and advice.  I subscribed to her newsletter list and read her books and often am known to quote her in my parenting classes.

This lady is for real.

AND I am honored to share our conversation with you!!

Click on the links below to follow Bonnie:


I also mention the THANKSGIVING GIVE AWAY to podcast subscribers during the show. Click on this link to watch a short video with how to find the podcast app on your iphone.

Big love to you all and happy parenting!!!

Nov 3, 2015

This solo show is my own download around how resistance has been showing up in my life and what I am learning from it.  We all have those voices, right?  The one that says to us, "who cares, do what you want..." and the other that speaks from our soul and reminds us of who we really are....  Yeah, I dig into that.

I talk about my friend, Molly Knight Forde who is BRILLIANT and my guest on Episode Seven...

I mention the book, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo (its super fabulous).

It's the world according to me, and I invite you to come on in and stay awhile.  Let me know what you think, and if you are enjoying these solo rambles or not (I hope you are, because they are really fun to record).

Big huge love to you all!!

Oct 27, 2015

How much do I love this week's guest????


She is my friend and teacher, she inspires and coaches people all over the planet, AND she has taken time to sit down and puzzle out the self care challenges that SO MANY parents face.

I know you know what I'm talking about because you share it with me all the time - there is no time to take care of myself... I feel guilty...  time for me is at the bottom of the list....

I am telling you - not only have I HEARD it all, I have also EXPERIENCED all of these limiting thoughts and beliefs and allowed them to keep me from engaging in what is one of the most important pieces of parenting - SELF CARE.

You will love the conversation I had with Krista.  Listen in and let me know what you think!!!

You won't be able to get enough of her!!

Are you local and interested in finding out more about GRACE Seattle???
Click here for all the deets.

I also did a podcast about my experience at GRACE New York recently --- if you want to hear more about my experience - check out that show!

Here are some places you can go to stay connected to Krista and her work:
Her website: 
The Facebook Community: Global Grace
Follow on Instagram: globalgrace_

And don't forget to head over to the Joyful Courage Facebook community and ask to join in the conversation -  Live and Love with Joyful Courage

Oct 20, 2015

Inspired by the mamas currently enrolled in the Raising Siblings Ecourse - this is a deep dive into why I always begin my work with parents by inviting them to pay more attention to how they respond physically and emotionally to their kids behavior.

Once we recognize the way our body responds, we can begin to do the work of teaching it a new way of being.

Listen in!

** This is marked explicit because I say "pissed" and "bullshit" - so heads up for that!

Check out all of my online offers at

Oct 13, 2015

I was introduced to Emily Roberts on a Facebook group for parent educators that I belong to...  I knew right away that I wanted to know more about her when she introduced herself and shared about her work with tween and teen girls...

I bought her book, Express Yourself, and quickly realized that this woman is LEGIT!  This book, which I am currently reading out loud to me seventh grade daughter is PACKED with so many nuggets of wisdom for our girls...  Not only that, I am finding that I am learning so much from the tips and advice that Emily shares... 

In this podcast interview, Emily and I discuss her book, plus the importance of supporting our girls in growing their assertive muscles...  We touch on friend drama, social media dos and don'ts, as well as why knowing the outcome you want is the first step to actually getting there.

Emily is a dream.  I think you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did!  

Follow Emily:

On her website at
On Facebook at Guidance Girl
On Twitter at @GuidanceGirlEm
On Instagram at @GuidanceGirlEm
On Pinterest at Guidance Girl
On You Tube at The Guidance Girl Channel

Oct 6, 2015

I had an amazing experience with 49 other women at a workshop in New York...  When I shared about it on social media, the request was made that I share more on the podcast.

So here you go.

I am so grateful for the journey I am on...  So grateful to be alert and alive and awake to all the possibilities that exist in my life.  So grateful for the teachers and the opportunities that have come my way....

Thank you for listening in.

Click here for more information about the Grace Workshop happening in Seattle in November.


Sep 29, 2015

It was such a pleasure to have Katie Hurley on the show!  I have been sharing her work on the Joyful Courage Facebook page for a long time and speaking to her about her new book confirmed what I had come to believe as a reader of her writing; she is a thoughtful, brilliant voice in the parent education community.

Katie's new book, The Happy Kid Handbook is an amazing tool for parents to learn how to meet their kids where they are at, temperamentally.  Her work reminds us that the need to get to know our kids is vital in creating an environment where they can excel, both socially and emotionally.

Being an extrovert raising kids that fall across the extrovert/introvert spectrum, I was excited to dig into this with Katie. I know that you are going to love listening in to the conversation too!!

Visit her website:

Follow Katie:

Instagram: @katiefhurley
Facebook: Practical Parenting by Katie
Twitter: @katiefhurley

Sep 15, 2015

I am really excited to have Andy Smithson, of TRU Parenting, back on the podcast!  He was my very first guest and a parent educator that I have been following for a while now.  

There are a lot of things I like about Andy, I think it is so refreshing to have a Dad's voice speaking into the parenting experience.  His blog posts and articles are always so helpful and full of tips and tools that can be put into action right away.  He has lots of kids so I KNOW he is in the practice of walking his talk, and that always scores a lot of points with me...

Today we are talking about yelling.  Ugh.  Yelling is the worst - it makes our kids feel bad and it leaves US feeling bad and so unskilled.  Andy has an ecourse that is starting the beginning of October...  I have so much faith in this program that I am an affiliate of the program (meaning: I get a kickback when you sign up through me).

So listen up and soak in the zen vibes of Andy Smithson.

Here are some links to the resources mentioned on the show:

Boundaries by Henry Cloud

Andys Quick Calm Technique - FREE DOWNLOAD

Super Better by Jane McGonigal 

21 Day Stop Yelling Coaching Course - Sign up now!

Sep 1, 2015

“I am an ordinary person living in the same distracted culture that everyone else is living in…” 


And that is exactly what is so inspiring about Rachel Macy Stafford.


She is an ordinary person whose work is making an extraordinary impact on parents from around the world.


Most of us found her through her blog, - her writing drew us in and touched our soul.  We also joined her Hands Free Revolution on Facebook, to be even more connected to her and the community space she has created.


Because there is something really special about this ordinary person. 


I am thrilled to be interviewing her on the Joyful Courage Parenting Podcast.  Honored that she was willing to take the time to talk to me and share her journey, her vulnerability and her wisdom.


Her new book, Hands Free Life: 9 habits for overcoming distraction, living better & loving more is full of nuggets that will bring you to your knees.


So, so good.  Listen in…






Aug 28, 2015

Andy's the man!!  He has helped so many parents find their calm and move forward in solid relatinship with their family.  

This "solo promo" is designed to get the word out about his latest offer for parents.

Click on this link to go straight to the sales page for more INFO and to REGISTER :)

Knowledge is power, people!!  Empower your parenting!!

Aug 17, 2015

August 11th Amy's latest book cam out, The Me Me Me Epoidemic: A Step by Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over Entitled World

Amy McCready is a Parent Education MACHINE!  She has an amazingly popular Facebook community, and offers so many

Inspired by the work of Alfred Adler…

“The biggest difference comes when we change ourselves.”

Certified in Positive Discipline

Shout out to the recovering yellers!!

“...I love working with parenting and helping them bring out the best in themselves.”

Adlerian theory- strategies are based on respect, respect for the child and respect for the parent…  All human being have a hardwired need for belonging and significance.  We need to feel connected – to family, classroom, community.  I need to make a difference, feel like I matter…

Behavior is goal directed – always take it back to the child’s sense of belonging and/or significance..  Getting to the bottom of this is what lasts long term.  Get below the surface!

Connection without Entitlement??

It’s messy….

 The book begins with Mind, Body, Soul Time…  Spending one on one time and attention with your kids, where you are fully present, mind, body and soul.  You are fully present. Can be 10 or 15 minutes – this contributes “buckets” to belonging and significance to our kids.  Powerful opportunity for connection.

Create an environment that allows kids to learn that their actions and choices have outcomes - some positive,  some negative.  Entitled kids aren’t connected to outcomes.

Focus on - What went wrong?  What can we do different next time?

Natural Vs Logical Consequences…

“Solutions are always consequences, consequences are not always solutions.” 
-       Jody McVittie

 They’re not helpless!! Take a step back – what are you currently doing for your kids that they are perfectly capable about doing for themselves?

There is a balance between helping each other out and when you are consistently doing things for them that they could be doing themselves…  Back off, little by little.

Biggest mistake that is feeding into the entitlement epidemic? Smoothing their way --- smoothing out all their potential obstacles to keep out kids from experiencing discomfort.  Does not give them the opportunity to develop resiliency.

What is a baby step for creating change for parents who recognize their have been contributing to the entitlement of their kids?  Shift responsibility for one or two things….

 Thank you Amy!!

Find Amy and her offers online:
Positive Parenting Solutions on Facebook


Aug 6, 2015

Such a great conversation with Marcille Smith Boyle!!  Solving problems with our kids is no joke and such an important way to teach life skills.  Marcille breaks down the task in a way that gets parents excited to practice!!  She is full of information and real life stories that I know will be inspiring and helpful to you – Enjoy!

Marcille studied the work of Ross Green –
Lost at School 
The Explosive Child

He writes and teaches about Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) – involving kids in solving their own behavior challenges

Parents tend to think it’s our job to solve our children’s behavior challenges…  Truth is, our kids can be awesome problem solvers – yay!

The brain likes it’s own ideas best!!

David Rock – Neuro Leadership Group  

CPS has 3 main steps –

- Empathize gather info from child – from their point of view
- Define the problem
- Brainstorm solutions together with your child.

Most powerful part --- not necessarily the process, but how we shift perspective about how we look and think and feel about behavior challenges….

Recognizing that behavior is a sign of something deeper that is going on.

“Most helpful when we can focus that deeper thing, rather than just the behavior itself.”

Your child’s behavior is not the problem – What’s the problem, THE PROBLEM! (I love that)

The problem is always underneath the surface…

“Kids do well if they can.” – Ross Green


Child won’t turn in his homework.

What’s the problem?  Lacking organization skills and some auditory challenges…  The solution is brainstormed with child and addresses these problems and the homework situation shifts (solutions arehelpful)

Consequences don't necessarily teach skills…

What are the lacking skills behind the behavior?

P.E.S.O.S. (Marcille's Problem Solving Recipe)

Combines principles of Ross Green’s work, with Positive Discipline  and How to Talk so Kids will Listen and How to Listen so Kids will Talk 

Prerequisite: You and your child must be level headed - calm, in a good place emotionally

When intensity is high, communication and problem-solving skills are low…

P – Permission…  Giving yourself permission to engage and getting child’s permission

E – Empathize…  Understanding problem from child’s perspective –stay neutral and specific – “Tell me about…. (the problem)” then validate their concern

S – State your concern…  Short and sweet “My concern is…”

O – Options…  Brainstorm options for solutions that are a win/win for you both

S – Select and idea to try…  Must be realistic and mutually satisfactory

Try it out, make a date to review and see how it’s going…


Seeing our kids as a person who wants to do well, but have something in their way towards that success….

Watch the video below --

Click here for Marcille's handout on the steps of P.E.S.O.S.

Marcille Smith Boyle
Website -  – blog, free gift, newsletter
Facebook – Working Parenting
Email -

Jul 20, 2015

What a GIFT to have the opportunity to interview Amy Lang of Birds+Bees+Kids!  We had a great time discussing what to be talking about with our kdis when it comes to bodies and sex and staying safe...  

Nothing is off limits here - from where babies come from to blow jobs to birth control --- listen in and get informed and then TALK TO YOUR KIDS!

Like Amy says, being INFORMED is being EMPOWERED to make smart choices!


Jul 6, 2015

Listen in on this great conversation that I had with Molly Knight Forde about the journey to meditation and how it can change everything when it comes to the parenting journey...

Jun 8, 2015

Podcast with Kim Estes


Intro – music feedback?  Mention speakpipe


Kim Into with Family – two daughters, middle/high schoolers


Savvy Parents Safe Kids


Patty Fitzgerald - Safely Ever After



Lots of strategies…  not just “this is what you do in the moment”


Being home alone… 2 tips:


Don't open the door, acknowledge the door –

In a strong voice: “Who is it?” followed by, “I can’t help you…” and walk away.


Know what to do if there is a fire –

Get out of the house and use a neighbors phone to call 911




Talking about having an “out” for sticky situations…  Teach your kids language to use and practice the language…


Free range in the world is safer than free range online.

The internet is a place, not a thing….

Safety radar isn’t quite as tuned in….


PDF of Super 10 Rules For Safety


Don’t scare them, it's not helpful

“Family” safety rule

Check in – make it a family thing

Lead by example 



LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!  Leave a comment on iTunes! 


Apr 9, 2015

This was such a fun conversation with my dear friend and colleague, Julietta Skoog.  She is such a powerful model for what it looks like to parent small children with Positive Discipline - I love watching her in action!

PLUS, she has been doing Family Meetings with her girls since the youngest was in a highchair!!!

Listen in and let me know what you think!

You can find more information on Julietta at

You can find more about the Family Meeting Ecourse I mention at the end of the course by clicking here.

Apr 9, 2015

This is a solo show, meaning, it's just me.  Listen in as I share what my purpose is and how I want to make a difference in YOUR world!  Get an inside look at why I am passionate about this work and what fuels me to keep sharing it with you....

Click here to find out more about coaching with me.

Click here to find out which live and online offers are coming up.

Apr 8, 2015

What a gift it was to spend time talking to Ariadne Brill of Positive Parenting Connection!  We dug into how making agreements with our kids helps them to develop a sense of trust and capability - while strengthening our relationship with them along the way.  Ariadne has some great ideas around how to bring more ease to mealtimes and shares some resources for parents for teaching and modeling self regulation.

Resources for listeners:

Check out Ariadne's book on Amazon - Twelve alternatives to time out

From Positive Parenting Connection - A post about creating a Chill-Out Corner with your child

The latest Joyful Courage post around making agreements - What was our agreement?

Find Positive Parenting Connection on Facebook,Pinterest, and Twitter


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