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Apr 5, 2016

I am so so excited to share this conversation with listeners!!  Dr. Laura Markham is one of the leading voices in the parenting arena and full of easy to digest tips and tools for parents with kids of all ages!  

I was beyond honored when she agreed to come on my show...

Listen in as we talk all about how to create space for our kids to get along, explore what keeps kids from connecting, and dig into how one on one time with each of our kids actually helps the sibling bond grow.

Dr. Laura's bio from her website:

Dr. Laura Markham trained as a Clinical Psychologist, earning her PhD from Columbia University.  But she's also a mom, so she translates proven science into the practical solutions you need for the family life you want.

The founding editor of, Dr. Laura also serves as a parenting expert for, Psychology Today, The Natural Parent Magazine,, Girlie Girl Army,, and several other websites.  She makes frequent TV and radio appearances and has been interviewed for hundreds of articles by publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, Real Simple, Newsday, Men's Health, Redbook and Parents Magazine.

Dr. Laura's relationship-based parenting model has helped thousands of families across the U.S. and Canada find compassionate, common-sense solutions to everything from separation anxiety and sleep problems to sass talk and cell phones. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two terrific kids -- now 20 and 24!


Resources mentioned:
Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids
Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings
John Gottman's work with couples and marriage

Where to find/follow Dr. Laura's work:



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Mar 29, 2016

I am so excited to have Margit Crane on the podcast today!  She is fun and hopeful and full of really helpful information for ADD/ADHD children and the grown ups who love and work with them.

From Margit's bio:

Confused and frustrated, people are drawn to Margit’s bright-eyed optimism, her natural communication style, and her no-nonsense, real-world solutions. They fall in love with her humor and compassion, realizing that she is their strongest advocate and biggest fan. Clients feel heard and understood, and they trust her to support each of them, together as a family and, separately, as individuals. She blends an uncanny and authentic understanding of children and teens with adult wisdom and experience, and a long career as a trailblazer in the field of Attention Deficit Disorder, school success, and child-parent dynamics.

Margit and I spend time discussion what ADD/ADHD is and what it isn't, when to consider if our child is a ADD/ADHD, and what the steps are to connect and hold space for these special kids.


Resources mentioned:

Getting Schooled - a free ebook from Margit that helps parents navigate their child's school experience - articles, legal resources. support

How to find and follow Margit:
Facebook - Gifted with ADD
Twitter - BrilliantADHD
Pinterest - Gifted with ADD



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Mar 22, 2016


So excited to share today's show with you!

Dr. Jen O’Ryan provides guidance for parents to help them navigate their child’s coming out process, as well as questions about sexuality and gender. She completed her doctorate in Human Behavior with a focus on environmental factors during childhood and adolescence for sexual minorities.

Dr. Jen also works closely with other caring adults on developing more inclusive, safe spaces for LGBTQ individuals in the workplace and community. Through years of research and advocacy, Jen brings an extensive background on factors contributing to healthy development during childhood and adolescence for LGBTQ youth.

Jen and I talk about the experience kids are having as they come to understand gender and sexual orientation.  We discuss the biggest challenges for the kids and their parents, and how we can all be a part in supporting all kids, in celebration of differences, being advocates and allies.

Resources mentioned:

Jen's website My Kid Came Out
Jen's local workshop So your kids came out, now what?  
     - listeners will get $5 off with promo code "joyful"
Recent posts on sexuality and supporting LGBTQ youth
PFLAG - Parents, Families and Allies of LGBTQ

Where to find Jen:

Her website -
Twitter - @pagingdrjen
Facebook - Paging Dr. Jen


****Limited time offer****

About MAZLO --- click here to check out the offer mentioned on the show.  If you are interested in checking out the Calm and Connected Parenting Program FOR FREE send an emaill to  Put "Mazlo Coupon" in the subject line!!  

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Mar 15, 2016

Amy Knobler is on the podcast! Amy is a personal chef, mama and Positive Discipline Parent Educator from Pasadena, California. In candid conversation, she shares her passion for bringing kids into the kitchen…

Do you love dinner preparation? Are you like me, feeling annoyed and resentful each day when it comes time to create a meal for your family?

Listen in as Amy spins a new perspective around meal prep and how it can be a relationship builder AND a time for life skill development.

From young kids to our teens, the kitchen can be a place for connection… A place where we can all increase our sense of belonging and significance.



Click here to get your own pack of Positive Discipline Parenting Toolcards
Seven Easy Ways to Include Your Kids in the Kitchen by Sarah Remmer
Check out the PDF from Amy with concepts and a yummy kid friendly recipe on the Joyful Courage website!


Where to find and follow Amy:
Cook to Connect Facebook Group


Also - be sure to check out the Calm and Connected Parenting Program through Mazlo.
Click here for more information!


Mar 8, 2016

So grateful to have Kelly Bos on the show today!  Kelly is a psychotherapist focusing on individual, marriage, and family relationships. She helps people find meaning and joy in their relationships - with themselves and others.

Today we are talking about navigating parenting styles in our family.  

As I say on a regular basis, parenting is a journey, right?  Have you started to notice that when we say "yes!  I want to be with you forever!" we are also saying yes to the journey of relationship???

And it's not always easy.

We show up with baggage - we show up with our own lens that has been developed through the experiences of our life...  AND we sometimes forget that we aren't all looking through the same lens...

Listen in as I talk with Kelly about how to be more proactive and forwarding in our conversations with our partners, and build stronger connections with them in the process!!

Where to find Kelly:

Her website:
And on Facebook

Articles for further reading:

What to do When Your Parenting Styles Don't Mesh by Kelly Bos
When Parents Disagree on Discipline by Amy McCreedy


And please know that you are invited to join in the conversation over in the Live and Love With Joyful Courage Facebook group!  It is a place for support and celebration - full of parents who are intentional about showing up as their best self (even when it's hard to do) with their families!!


ALSO, check out the offer I shared at the end of the podcast - The Calm and Connected Parenting Program through Mazlo.   Consider trying out this program to take some small steps towards making big changes in your home.


Click HERE for more about one on one coaching with me!!


Mar 1, 2016

I love Emily Roberts!!  There is a good reason she is called "Guidance Girl" - this woman has so many gifts and wisdom to share...  She knows tweens and teens - she has an inside perspective and sharing it on the show.

Listen in and broaden your perspective around the online social life of your children.

Emily and I have a candid conversation about what parents should be thinking about and how we can be building relationship through navigating this online social world with our kids....

This is a looooooong podcast because I just can't stop talking to Emily!!

Resources mentioned:

American Girls: How Social Media is Disrupting the Lives of Teenagers
Express Yourself: A Teen Girls Guide to Speaking up and Being Who You Are

Other articles and interview with Emily:

An interview about social media addiction
What Every Parent Needs to Know about Cyberbullying

Follow Emily's work:

One her website
On Facebook
On Twitter
On Pinterest
On Instagram
On YouTube

Let me know what you are thinking!!  Join the conversation on the Live and Love with Joyful Courage Facebook group - a crowd of like minded parents do the best they can to be their best on the parenting journey!

Feb 23, 2016

Sarah is a social worker, a compassion coach, a play promoter and warrior for kindness...  How can an interview with her be anything BUT amazing???

We discuss limit setting, brain development and how to navigate our kids emotional outbursts in a way that is helpful and not hurtful.

Resources mentioned:

Dan Siegel: 
     - Whole Brain Child
     - Brian in the Palm of the Hand video

Where to find Sarah:
     - Facebook
     - Twitter
     - Pinterest
     - Instagram

Helpful articles by Sarah:

Easing the Stress of Power Struggle

Why I Praised My Son for Threatening to Throw a Bowl at Me

How to Set Limits with Kids Without Harshness, Fear or Shame

Thank you for listening!!  

Don't forget to join the conversation over at the Live and Love with Joyful Courage page on Facebook!!


Feb 19, 2016

So grateful and honored to have Leisha on the podcast today to puzzle out the rub she is feeling around bedtime with her two young daughters.

Do you ever feel like things spin out of control at the end of the day?  Do you feel like you swing between too kind to too firm and back again? 

You aren't alone!

Listen in to this live parent coaching and notice where the conversation is resonating with you...  We are on a collective journey - lets learn from the learning of others!!

Interested in getting some coaching on the show??  Click here to apply.

If you haven't already, join in the conversation on the Live and Love with Joyful Courage Facebook community!

Thank you for listening in!!!

Feb 11, 2016

Oh friends - this is a good one!!

My new friend (and someone we should all have on speed dial), Susan Stiffelman is on the show today talking about the Parenting in the Digital Age Telesummit.  

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY for all of us to learn from some of the most AMAZING speakers and thinkers of our time.

  • Dr. Dan Siegel, author of Whole Brain Child and creator of Brain in th ePalm of Your Hand
  • Byron Katie, developer of The Work
  • Rachel Macy Stafford, author and blogger behind the Hands Free Revolution (she has been on the show and is super fabulous)
  • Glennon Doyle Melton. author and founder of online community Momastery
  • Roasalind Weisman, author of Queen Bees and Wanna Bees and amazing human

And there are MOREand they are ALL amazing humans - and ALL amazing humans with SO MUCH WISDOM TO SHARE!!!

Listen in to the episode and when you are ready to sign up for the telesummit, just click this link ---->

Its FREE!!  More information and registration is here --->


AND don't forget that we are doing the Baby Carrier Drive for Carry the Future through the month of January - more information on THAT goodness by clicking here


And keep up with the parenting conversation in our facebook community, Live and Love with Joyful Courage - WE WANT YOU THERE!!  



Get in touch with any feedback or questions as

Jan 28, 2016

I am so EXCITED to share this BONUS podcast with you all!!  I had the honor of talking to Alison Soracchi from Carry the Future about the incredible work they are doing, providing baby carriers to refugees in Greece.

This conversation is an emotional one, and really highlights how meaningful a small gesture from one human being to another can be...  Alison shares stories about the work volunteers are engaged in here in the states, and paints a picture of how the volunteers on the ground in Greece are living the vision.

Just listen.  No doubt you will be inspired :)

You can find out more about Carry the Future at
You can find out more about Operation Refugee Child at
Find Carry the Future on Facebook at
On twitter at


Joyful Courage will be teaming with Grow With Me Boutique
to run a baby carrier drive in February

  • Locals can drop off new or gently used carriers to Grow with Me Boutique here in Monroe any time during the hours of operation.
  • OR listeners can send carriers or supplies for Operation Refugee Child to the drop off center through Carry the Future (click here for details on where to send - and click "donate")
  • Be sure to write a little note that you are participating in the Joyful Courage Baby Carrier Drive so we can keep track of the impact of our community!!

Thank you for listening!!!

Don't forget to you the Live and Love with Joyful Courage Facebook community and keep up with the conversation!

Jan 26, 2016

Ahhhh, babies.  We spend so much time preparing for their arrival and then BAM - they totally turn our world upside down and we can't remember WHY we ever though parenthood was a good idea....

Hahaha, well, maybe that wasn't exactly your experience....  

Ariadne Brill, parent educator, writer and the force behind the insanely helpful and popular website, Positive Parenting Connection, has returned to the podcast this week to dig into raising babies with a healthy attachment. This conversation is so useful for parents who are living and loving the smallest and newest among us...

Listen in for tips on connecting and creating the very beginnings of a foundation for empathy and compassion.

If you have friends or family that are expecting a new baby, or have recently been blessed with one, pass this show on to them - they will thank you!!


You can find Ariadne and her work at:

Her Website -
On Facebook -
On Twitter -
On Pinterest -


And don't forget to join the conversation on the Live and Love with Joyful Courage Facebook Group Page!!

Jan 22, 2016

It was so fun to have the chance to speak one on one with a listener about the challenges she is facing with your your son.

Listen in and notice how universal some of the feelings and thoughts are that you hear Stephanie speak into...  

The parenting journey is a collective experience.  You are not alone!  


Jan 19, 2016

Who doesn't get into power struggles with their kids???

Listen in as Debbie Zeichner, LCSW and parent coach, and I discuss the triggers for power struggles and how to navigate them in a way that leaves your kids with MORE skills and MORE likely to cooperate.

Sound good?

Check out Debbie's website :
And like her facebook page:

Jan 11, 2016

This podcast interview is a long one, because the conversation was just that good.

Listen in as I talk with Denise Dryden, integrative coach, about how we can shed the stories and emotional baggage we show up to parent with so that we can be conscious and available to the child we find in front of us.

One of my favorite quotes from the conversation is Denise encouraging parents to think about in regards to their children, "what do I see that is unique and different, and how do I let them lead me into the future?"

She is a wise woman and it is my honor to know her!

Here are some links mentioned in the podcast:

Brandy Carlile - The Eye
Denise's website -
Denise's Ecourse - Parenting the New Earth's Children
Follow Denise on Facebook

Dec 29, 2015

I love you people!!!

Thank you so much for all you have given me in 2015.  This show is short and sweet today, as I know you have things to do and people to see (as do I).

I announce the winners of the Subscribe-A-Thon Giveaway (finally)!!

I share a poem from Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map.

I invite you to let go of what brought you down in 2015 and invite in what you want for 2016.


Dec 24, 2015

Hellooooooo Friends!!!

Merry, merry, happy, happy...  Hoping this podcast finds you well and joyful.  Listen in to hear some exciting news about the year to come, details about how to be a part of the giveaway, and inquiry about how YOU will make e2016 the BEST YEAR for YOU!

Big huge love to all of you....  Honored you are out there listening and supporting and celebrating all we can do to make the world better!!

Dec 15, 2015

Amanda Rue, the force behind the popular blog, Dirt and Boogers, is on the podcast today.  She has created a FABULOUS resource for parents around how to bring more calm and connection to the holiday season.

I don't know about you, but this came at the perfect time for me!  

Resources mentioned:

Check out Amanda's Ebook, Take the Chaos out of Christmas, by clicking here.

Mama's Anger Management cCourse

The Stop Yelling Challenge on Facebook


Where to follow Amanda:

Her blog/website

Dirt and Boogers on Facebook

Dirt and Boogers on Instagram

Dirt and Boogers on Pinterest

Dirt and Boogers on Twitter

Dec 8, 2015

Such a great conversation!

Jessica Lahey is smart and funny and real when it comes to talking straight up about how we rob our kids of their future when we protect the from failure...

It doesn't matter if they are in the sandbox or a high school classroom, our kids only learn the tools for relationship, empathy and resiliency when we (parents) allow them the gift of discomfort, making mistakes and yes, failure.

Listen in to this candid conversation and consider where you could pull back a bit, where you could allow your kids a little bit more room to learn from their missteps, to own when they've hurt someone, to problem solve it when they've left their homework or lunch at home (again!)...

We all love our kids, we want them to grow into the fullest, best versions of themselves, sometimes that requires us to back off and let them figure some things out...  You may be surprised by just how capable they are!


The book: The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey

The article in the Atlantic that started it all: Why Parents Need to Let Their Children Fail

Why Back to School Night Made Me Feel Like a Bad Mom

Glennon Doyle Melton on

How to Raise and Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims

The Price of Priviledge by Madeline Levine


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Dec 1, 2015

OMG.  I can't believe how great it is to be a podcaster!!  

For today's show, I interviewed one of my oldest friends!!  How lucky am I???  This conversation, with Jessica Prentice, is all about her book The Duck With No Legs and all of the underlying themes and messages that show up in the sweet, heart warming story.

We get into all sorts of discussions in this show - from spirituality, to overcome perceived disabilities, to living with the discomfort of not being the child we think our parents want us to be (not to mention parenting a child who marches to the beat of his own drum)...

You are going to love this show!

I do say "asshole" one time, so I marked the episode as explicit - sorry about that. :)


I bring up Nick Vujicic - a parapalegic motivational speaker who has an incredible spirit and message for the world.  You can find him at or watch his youtube video about Never giving up by clicking here.

Click here to get a copy of The Duck with No Legs from Amazon.

Check out Jessica's graphic design work at

Find Jessica on Instagram @sillybird


Nov 26, 2015

Hey hey!!!

Thank you so much for playing and being willing to subscribe to the show - I value you and am honored that you find value in what I put out into the world!!

Here are the deets of the giveaway:

I have super cute Joyful Courage SWAG to give away!!  I can't figure out how to post pics here, but I will put them up on the Live and Love with Joyful Courage facebook group page.  

I have FOUR shirts and FOUR hats to giveaway - 

The shirt is baseball style with red arms and the Joyful Courage logo on the front.

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I have TWO Center Parenting Ecourses to giveaway - 

This is an online course that you receive over the course of five weeks. Included each week are videos, audio meditation and workbooks that teach the positive Discipline concepts and guide you towards finding your most centered, authentic self while on the parenting journey.  It's awesome! Learn more here.

And finally, I am giving away a 3 month coaching package -

This is the GRAND PRIZE and I am super excited to offer it up to one lucky winner!  The 3 month coaching package is two hours of coaching a month, which can either be broken up into 2 monthly one hour sessions, or four monthly half hour sessions.  You will have access to me via text and email between sessions as well...  This offer is a POWERFUL way to really deepen your practices and accountability towards being the parent and the human you want to be. Learn more here.

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Oh man, hopefully that isn't too complicated --- let me know if you have any troubles and I will be happy to help! Big love to each of you and THANK YOU for being on the journey with me!!


xoxo - Casey

Nov 24, 2015

There are a few things that are tough to talk about with our kids.  One of the toughest, I think, is talking about the violent things that happen in the world...

My guest today on the podcast is Dr. Monica Holliday Sherman.  Monica is a psychotherapist in private practice in Chicago, and she completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at The Adler School of Professional Psychology, with a concentration in childhood and adolescence.

She is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and she regularly facilitates parenting classes in the Chicago community. You can find her on Psychology Today here.

She is also my friend, and someone I trust to speak to this topic from a very thoughtful, experienced place...

As tough as this conversation is, it is important for parents to be talking to their kids about the state of the world. AND, as a community of parents, it is equally as important to get support from each other about how to best support our kids.

My hope is that this show does just that.

Resources mentioned in the interview:

Video of father reassuring his young son that France is their home.
Purple Wagon - "A site for people interested in parents and children, and their explorations and discussions around war, terrorism and peacemaking." Loads of resources for parents here.
Helping Children Feel Safe in an Unsafe World by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD

Other resources:

Talking With Children About Disaster also by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD
Talking with Children About Tragic News Stories by Ariadne Brill of Positive Parenting Connection
Terrorism and children:Tough Conversations that Matter by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD or Roots of Action
Explaining Terror to Kids is a NY Times article that covers a French newspaper for kids and how they are engaging in real conversations with kids about the attacks

And more suggestions from Monica:

Books are my go-to when I'm wanting to extend any of these "big" topics into ongoing conversations with my kids. Here are a few to read WITH your kids, relevant to what's going on in the world today:
Finding heroes amidst terrorism.
I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai (there is also a Young Reader's edition)
Multicultural competency.
The Cow of No Color: Riddle Stories and Justice Tales from around the World, Nina Jaffee
Explaining refugees. 
Sometimes it helps to look to history for examples -- one of the most written about examples of children fleeing war zones is the Operation Pied Piper of 1939, when children were evacuated from London during WWII. The beloved Paddington character is even based upon these events. 
--The Sky Is Falling, Kit Pearson
--Visitors from London, Kitty Barne (out of print)
--Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe and Bedknobs and Broomsticks are both storylines based on children having to evacuate. 
--If your kids are American Girl fans, the book Happy Birthday, Molly!  incorporates a story of a British refugee coming to live with the family after being traumatized by living through bombing raids.  
Please get in touch with any thoughts or feedback on this discussion or any of the other podcasts!



Nov 10, 2015

What a great time I had talking to Bonnie Harris of Connective Parenting!  She is so full of wisdom and insight...  Which wasn't surprising AT ALL to me :)

I have been following Bonnie's work for years - drawn to her gentle, logical style and advice.  I subscribed to her newsletter list and read her books and often am known to quote her in my parenting classes.

This lady is for real.

AND I am honored to share our conversation with you!!

Click on the links below to follow Bonnie:


I also mention the THANKSGIVING GIVE AWAY to podcast subscribers during the show. Click on this link to watch a short video with how to find the podcast app on your iphone.

Big love to you all and happy parenting!!!

Oct 27, 2015

How much do I love this week's guest????


She is my friend and teacher, she inspires and coaches people all over the planet, AND she has taken time to sit down and puzzle out the self care challenges that SO MANY parents face.

I know you know what I'm talking about because you share it with me all the time - there is no time to take care of myself... I feel guilty...  time for me is at the bottom of the list....

I am telling you - not only have I HEARD it all, I have also EXPERIENCED all of these limiting thoughts and beliefs and allowed them to keep me from engaging in what is one of the most important pieces of parenting - SELF CARE.

You will love the conversation I had with Krista.  Listen in and let me know what you think!!!

You won't be able to get enough of her!!

Are you local and interested in finding out more about GRACE Seattle???
Click here for all the deets.

I also did a podcast about my experience at GRACE New York recently --- if you want to hear more about my experience - check out that show!

Here are some places you can go to stay connected to Krista and her work:
Her website: 
The Facebook Community: Global Grace
Follow on Instagram: globalgrace_

And don't forget to head over to the Joyful Courage Facebook community and ask to join in the conversation -  Live and Love with Joyful Courage

Oct 20, 2015

Inspired by the mamas currently enrolled in the Raising Siblings Ecourse - this is a deep dive into why I always begin my work with parents by inviting them to pay more attention to how they respond physically and emotionally to their kids behavior.

Once we recognize the way our body responds, we can begin to do the work of teaching it a new way of being.

Listen in!

** This is marked explicit because I say "pissed" and "bullshit" - so heads up for that!

Check out all of my online offers at

Oct 13, 2015

I was introduced to Emily Roberts on a Facebook group for parent educators that I belong to...  I knew right away that I wanted to know more about her when she introduced herself and shared about her work with tween and teen girls...

I bought her book, Express Yourself, and quickly realized that this woman is LEGIT!  This book, which I am currently reading out loud to me seventh grade daughter is PACKED with so many nuggets of wisdom for our girls...  Not only that, I am finding that I am learning so much from the tips and advice that Emily shares... 

In this podcast interview, Emily and I discuss her book, plus the importance of supporting our girls in growing their assertive muscles...  We touch on friend drama, social media dos and don'ts, as well as why knowing the outcome you want is the first step to actually getting there.

Emily is a dream.  I think you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did!  

Follow Emily:

On her website at
On Facebook at Guidance Girl
On Twitter at @GuidanceGirlEm
On Instagram at @GuidanceGirlEm
On Pinterest at Guidance Girl
On You Tube at The Guidance Girl Channel

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